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04/27/2009 08:00 PM
Increase your sales by being Sticky
Making something sticky in EBiz means that you make it memorable. Something people will remember and want to come back to.

10/21/2008 08:00 PM
A Beginner's Guide to Buying Directly from China Suppliers
When it comes to low prices and high profits, China imports are hard-to-beat. Many retailers and e-tailers understand the benefits of sourcing products directly from China suppliers, but have no

09/24/2008 08:00 PM
Tips for Finding and Working with Wholesalers
Years in the wholesale industry and my own experience with Internet retail taught me a lot about how to avoid middlemen and find legitimate wholesalers who'll work with home business and online merchants. These are my top ten tips to prevent costly mistakes in your online business and help you navigate the sometimes-confusing world of buying wholesale products with relative ease:

05/21/2008 08:00 PM
Where Do I Find Products to Sell? 4 Ways to Locate REAL Wholesale Suppliers
Finding genuine, factory-authorized wholesale suppliers is an absolute must for anyone selling physical products on the Internet. Your e-business will never become truly profitable, if you're sourcing your products from middlemen or fake wholesale sites. But tracking down legitimate wholesale sources will take some

05/08/2008 08:00 PM
What is Product Sourcing? The Sourcing Techniques Your eBiz Needs
The concept of "product sourcing" is one every e-tailer needs to understand. If you sell products online, then product sourcing is a critical part of your business, and mastering this process can mean the

04/09/2008 08:00 PM
Locate Qualified Drop Shippers for Your Internet Business
Avoid an overstocked warehouse by using a drop ship supplier that meets both your and your customers' needs.

03/23/2008 08:00 PM
Improving Your Cash Flow through Inventory Planning
Inventory is the biggest asset for any Internet-based retail business. It's also the only active asset, or the only asset that generates a profit. That's why

02/24/2008 07:00 PM
Informed Compliance for e-Tailers - 3 Ways to Minimize Your Importing Risks
If you're apprehensive about sourcing inventory from overseas, you're not alone. Many online retailers shy away from importing because of the legal liability associated with it. But importing products safely is just a matter of

02/10/2008 07:00 PM
5 Strategies for Safely Sourcing Liquidation
Secondary market goods afford eBiz owners the chance to earn some substantial profit margins. But Chad Maslak, founder of, cautions e-tailers to take the time to understand exactly what they're buying. Advises Maslak, "Liquidation is a tremendous opportunity, if you do it right. But if you just blindly jump in, you can wind up with a roomful of junk products you can't sell." From his own extensive experience, he has developed five keys for

01/27/2008 07:00 PM
Maximize Your Sales with a Full and Complete Product Line
New ecommerce sellers often get married to a particular product, and don't want to hear about selling anything else. And while there's nothing wrong with offering one or two items when you get started online, the next step to grow is to broaden your selection. Your target customers are

01/13/2008 07:00 PM
Successfully Negotiating with Your Wholesale Suppliers
The prospect of negotiating with wholesale suppliers often intimidates online sellers – and not just the new ones. But it's a critical part of product sourcing, and according to Skip McGrath, author of The Wholesale Buying System (, it's not as difficult as most people fear. He offers some simple rules to help you get

01/06/2008 07:00 PM
5 Product Trends for 2008 that Every Seller Should Know About
For anyone selling online, the biggest question of 2008 is "What will my buyers be looking for this year?" Before you can uncover the answer, you're going to have to study up on your customers. "Trends are driven by buyer needs and lifestyles, so to find out what your buyers want, you must understand what



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