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02/21/2018 02:37 PM
How to Increase the Number of Keywords my Site Ranks for
Hello! I am watching the number of keywords that my site is ranked for decrease monthly. What do I need to do to increase this number? Currently, I am creating content for category pages and blog posts with new relevant keywords from my niche trying to give an "up" on the quantity. Are...

02/21/2018 11:48 AM
https and ranking
Has anyone noticed an obvious improvement in ranking when switching from http: to https:?

02/21/2018 03:24 AM
Need help in URL Structure
Hello Guys, I am little bit confuse, anyone can help me please.... I have a website and their url structure is like this, so can you please let me know which one is correct and if there is any google guidelines then please share the url also.... Url is like this... 1)...

02/21/2018 12:35 AM
Content Idea
Would it be appropriate to have a blog post about SEO memes on our agency website..something along the lines of "100 SEO Memes You Must See"?

02/20/2018 06:31 AM
SEO for 301 Redirects for shortened URLs?
So I have a blog attached to my main website that I utilize for SEO harvesting best I can. The blog is Wordpress format that is hosted in a subfolder of my domain. I'm considering purchasing a secondary URL that is shortened primarily for mobile and microblogging(read: Twitter) user...

02/20/2018 04:58 AM
DMCA issue.
Hello Sir! I'm facing DMCA issue on my themeforest item url. DMCA is applied by Envato: as mention below "Themes, Plugin, Scripts circumvention content: is illegally distributing our product. We are the...

02/20/2018 01:57 AM
Struggling to be consistent on 1st page
Hi, I am doing SEO for a website which is and my target keywords are 1) buy ssl online 2) buy ssl certificate online 3) buy ssl certificate Have been trying since long time to be consistent on 1st page of Google. But unfortunately it has been a up and down ride for...

02/19/2018 08:08 AM
How to add Google+ Page?
Hi There, Can anyone tell how to enable Google+ profile after verfifying the Google Local Business account?

02/19/2018 04:58 AM
Progressive Web Apps
Hi Guys How does affect Progressive Web Apps technologies on SERP results?

02/19/2018 04:01 AM
Facebook's future direction and why its going there
Long, but important read, into how Facebook has begun to understand its role in dividing, not uniting, and how it can be used by one country against another .... If you use Facebook as part of your Online Marketing this will give you the heads up on the type of changes you could expect in the...

02/19/2018 02:18 AM
domain changing and backlinks
Hi I've changed my site's address from Code: --------- "" --------- to Code: ---------

02/19/2018 01:35 AM
Is it ok to post the same content in web 2.0 sites from my official websites?
I need to know if posting the same content from my website to web 2.0 sites will have a negative effect in terms of seo

02/18/2018 11:17 AM
Page 2 on google question?
I have been on page 2 of google for a few weeks. If i leave the page “ as is” with no adjustments, will it ever go to page 1 or has google determined its page 2 standing based on the current content, and therefore in googles view, the page is only relevent for page 2 and not page 1?

02/18/2018 05:30 AM
Eliminate render blocking JavaScript and CSS Problem
Hello, Guys, I have little problem with Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS, when I'm combining and minifying Js and CSS files I'm getting a problem with another plugin in my site which locating the country flag in a forum otherwise I can't delete it as it's very important to my...

02/17/2018 09:57 PM
What kind of wordpress theme is the best to use for converting visitors to sales?
Landing page wordpress themes: Conversion themes: or SEO theme:...



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