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09/20/2017 06:50 PM
Mueller Seeks White House Documents Related to Trump’s Actions as President
Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, is interested in Mr. Trump’s firing of his F.B.I. director and national security adviser and other events.

09/21/2017 01:26 AM
Hurricane Maria Strikes, and Puerto Rico Goes Dark
Less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma, a new storm made a direct hit on the island, knocking out its power grid.

09/21/2017 12:53 AM
Hurricane Maria Live Updates: Puerto Rico Loses Power and Sets a Curfew
The storm, now a Category 2 system, battered the island with high winds and driving rain. At least one person was killed in Puerto Rico, officials said.

09/19/2017 12:26 PM
Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall in Puerto Rico
Hurricane Maria reached Puerto Rico as a powerful Category 4 storm early Wednesday. Hours before, it had crossed the United States Virgin Islands as a Category 5 storm, and tore roofs off houses on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

09/20/2017 06:43 PM
Mexico City, Hurricane Maria, Iran: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing
Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

09/21/2017 01:19 AM
Europe Edition: Mexico, Iran, Catalonia: Your Thursday Briefing
Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

09/20/2017 10:21 PM
Manafort Working on Kurdish Referendum Opposed by U.S.
President Trump’s former campaign chairman has continued soliciting international business even as his past international work is under investigation.

09/20/2017 10:24 PM
Trump Pushes to Revisit Iran Nuclear Deal, and Asks Allies to Help
With a deadline looming, the president seeks support from allies to toughen provisions of the pact rather than scrap it, with mixed reaction from Europeans.

09/20/2017 08:31 PM
The Contradiction Buried in Trump’s Iran and North Korea Policies
The president calls the Iran nuclear deal an “embarrassment,” but ending it would destroy his credibility in any talks over North Korea’s arsenal.

09/21/2017 12:02 AM
South Korea’s Leader Will Be Odd Man Out in Meeting With Trump and Shinzo Abe
As he meets President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, President Moon Jae-in appears isolated in opposing military options against North Korea.

09/20/2017 08:30 PM
Confident Fed Sets Stage for December Rate Increase
The Federal Reserve said a trio of punishing hurricanes were unlikely to reduce the pace of economic growth, and it continued to dismantle its stimulus programs.

09/20/2017 11:51 PM
S.E.C. Says It Was a Victim of a Computer Hack Last Year
The commission said the attackers could have exploited private information for trading purposes.

09/20/2017 06:40 PM
A Start-Up Slump Is a Drag on the Economy. Big Business May Be to Blame.
The formation of new companies has failed to bounce back since the recession, and economists say the trend may be holding back wages and productivity.

09/20/2017 08:33 PM
Insurers Come Out Swinging Against New Republican Health Care Bill
The health insurance industry, which has been cautious about previous bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act, came out sharply against the latest version.

09/20/2017 07:27 PM
‘Chuck and Nancy,’ Washington’s New Power Couple, Set Sights on Health Care
Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer hold no formal reins of power, but the Democratic leaders have emerged as a surprising force.

09/20/2017 08:22 PM
Pentagon Memo: Mattis Shows How to Split With Trump Without Provoking Him
The secretary of defense has been deft at leveraging the president’s respect for him into room to maneuver on his policy goals.

09/20/2017 05:25 PM
Voter Fraud? A Trump Nominee Looks as if He Cast an Illegal Ballot
Jeffrey Gerrish, the president’s nominee to be deputy U.S. Trade Representative, is drawing Senate scrutiny for a vote cast in Virginia after he moved to Maryland.

09/20/2017 08:50 PM
Spokeswoman Cites ‘Demanding Schedule’ for Health Secretary’s Use of Private Jets
Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services, took five work-related flights last week that cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

09/20/2017 09:46 PM
Facebook, After ‘Fail’ Over Ads Targeting Racists, Makes Changes
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, promised “more human review and oversight” to make sure offensive terms aren’t used to target ads.

09/20/2017 05:00 AM
A Hotel Revival in Los Angeles
Step up to the bar or lounge by the pool in 360 degrees at some of the chic hotels that are inviting guests to a revitalized Los Angeles.

09/20/2017 03:12 PM
Pursuits: In Los Angeles, Hotel Hipness Makes a Grand Return
Thanks to a new breed of high-rise hotels — complete with public pools and gaggles of fashionable locals — transitory spaces have become permanent hot spots.

03/14/2017 06:01 PM
Your Daily Mini Crossword
Solve a bite-size crossword in just a few minutes.

09/20/2017 07:27 PM
‘These Were Our Children’: School Collapses in Mexico Earthquake
At least 30 children were killed when the Enrique Rebsamen school collapsed in Tuesday’s earthquake.

09/20/2017 09:45 PM
At Mexican School Hit by Quake, Heartbreak and Dwindling Hope
At least 30 children died when the earthquake collapsed their school. As the hours passed, rescuers found mostly lifeless bodies, but also some survivors.

09/20/2017 07:27 PM
Mexicans Dig Through Quake Rubble as Death Toll Passes 200
Thousands of rescue workers plunged into the shattered shells of homes and offices. Officials said the priority is to keep saving people.

09/20/2017 01:19 PM
Why Mexico Is So Prone to Strong Earthquakes
Two powerful quakes, 12 days apart, have killed hundreds of people in Mexico this month. We look at how, where and why the big ones happen.

09/20/2017 05:53 PM
Where to Donate to Mexico Earthquake Victims
Here is a list of local and international organizations that are helping those affected.

09/20/2017 12:33 PM
The Top 10 Moments of London Fashion Week
Highlights from the shows, including Burberry, which was “a little more honest, a little less polished.” And oh, minimalism is back.

09/21/2017 01:06 AM
Merkel Says Germans ‘Never Had It Better.’ But Many Feel Left Behind.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s message of strength has dominated the election campaign, but poverty, economic insecurity and income disparity have grown during her tenure.

09/20/2017 07:16 PM
Jake LaMotta, ‘Raging Bull’ in and Out of the Ring, Dies at 95
LaMotta, who learned to box in a reformatory, won the middleweight championship and inspired an acclaimed film in which he was played by Robert De Niro.

09/21/2017 02:36 AM
Review: ‘Raging Bull’ (1980)

09/20/2017 08:32 PM
Internet Giants Face New Political Resistance in Washington
Facebook, Google and Amazon are coming under increasing pressure by regulators concerned about their growing power.

09/20/2017 05:00 AM
Nonfiction: Alice Waters Retraces the Path That Led Her to Chez Panisse
According to a new autobiography, “Coming to My Senses,” it all began with a year in Paris and a taste for the food she discovered there.

09/18/2017 02:09 PM
In Mexico, Weavers Embrace Natural Alternatives to Toxic Dyes
Concerned about the health impacts of textile chemicals, traditional artisans are producing vivid colors from crushed insects and forest plants.

09/20/2017 08:08 PM
Florida Nursing Home Listed Dead Resident as ‘Resting in Bed,’ State Says
State officials said a nursing home made late and “dubious” entries in medical records on the morning eight residents died in the post-hurricane heat.

09/20/2017 02:49 PM
Prosecutors Want Anthony Weiner to Serve About 2 Years in Prison
The government asked a judge to sentence Mr. Weiner to a prison term of 21 to 27 months for his conviction in a sexting case.

09/20/2017 08:31 PM
Europe Renews Offensive on Silicon Valley With Tax Reforms
A new set of proposals presented by officials in Brussels seek to tax technology companies differently, but risk being seen as an effort to target American tech giants.

09/20/2017 05:31 PM
Lillian Ross, Acclaimed Reporter for The New Yorker, Dies at 99
One of her rules of journalism was, “Do not call attention to yourself.” Yet she did just that in a memoir about her long affair with her celebrated editor.

09/21/2017 12:00 AM
Google Is Buying HTC’s Smartphone Expertise for $1.1 Billion
The deal bolsters Google’s ability to build mobile hardware and joins two companies already working together on one of Google’s upcoming Pixel phones.

09/20/2017 09:16 PM
Preet Bharara, Ousted Federal Prosecutor, Will Join CNN
Mr. Bharara, who has become a frequent critic of President Trump since being dismissed by him in March, will be a senior legal analyst for the network.

09/20/2017 07:40 PM
Someone Made a Fake Equifax Site. Then Equifax Linked to It.
A software engineer created a fake version of the website to draw attention to the weak security of the real one. Phishers could easily do the same.

09/20/2017 05:46 PM
Trilobites: Sea Turtles Appear to Be Bouncing Back Around the World
Researchers analyzed all existing public data of sea turtle nesting sites around the world and found a tale of “cautionary optimism.”

09/20/2017 05:56 PM
Amazon ‘Reviewing’ Its Website After It Suggested Bomb-Making Items
A British television news report said that the online retailer’s algorithms were automatically offering items that could be used to create an explosive device.

09/20/2017 04:51 PM
In Deal Trump Called ‘Dumb,’ U.S. Taking 50 Refugees From Australia
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said a group of asylum seekers being held in camps on Nauru and Manus Island would be resettled in the United States.

09/19/2017 08:32 PM
Economic Scene: Unemployment Is So 2009: Labor Shortage Gives Workers an Edge
Earnings are rising at a pace not seen in almost two decades. Will it be enough to draw more people off the bench and into the job market?

09/20/2017 12:20 AM
Trump Tweets He Was ‘Saddened’ by ‘Bad’ Emmy Ratings
Politics dominated the awards show on Sunday, and two days later, the president finally reacted.

09/19/2017 04:26 PM
This New G.O.P. Publication Looks a Lot Like a News Website
The Free Telegraph is funded by the Republican Governors Association, which dismissed criticism that the website amounted to “propaganda.”

09/19/2017 06:56 PM
Charles Owens, Golfer, Dies at 85; Novel Putter Brought Late Success
Owens overcame segregation, severe injuries and, with a long putter, the “yips” to win on the Senior PGA Tour.

09/20/2017 01:53 PM
Amid Protests, St. Louis Mayor Walks a Political Tightrope
Mayor Lyda Krewson promised to curb violence and heal racial divisions. Then a former police officer was acquitted of murder.

09/19/2017 02:27 PM
White Baton Rouge Suspect Is Charged With Murder in Killings of Two Black Men
The police said that the killings may have been racially motivated. The suspect was arrested twice in recent days on unrelated charges but was released.

09/19/2017 12:30 PM
While Premiums Soar Under Obamacare, Costs of Employer-Based Plans Are Stable
A new survey of employers shows moderate price increases in health benefits despite turmoil in the individual insurance market.

09/19/2017 02:03 PM
The Latest Design Trend: Black and Burned Wood
An ancient Japanese technique protects cedar by charring it a witchy charcoal. It’s having a renaissance in the West (for less practical reasons).

09/20/2017 04:36 PM
Forget Fan Fiction. In Nerdlesque, the Garters Come Off.
In this pop-culture twist on burlesque, performers put on tributes to movies and shows like “Doctor Who.” Not a fan? You can still admire the dancing.

09/20/2017 02:13 PM
Books of The Times: ‘The Far Away Brothers’ Breathes Vivid Life Into Immigration Issues
Lauren Markham’s impeccably timed and intimately reported book follows twin teenage brothers on their journey from El Salvador to California.



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