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07/22/2017 08:37 AM
Trump Says He Has ‘Complete Power’ to Pardon
The president also attacked the media and Hillary Clinton in a series of early-morning tweets.

07/22/2017 10:37 AM
Can the President Be Indicted? A Long-Hidden Legal Memo Says Yes
A document from Kenneth Starr’s investigation into President Bill Clinton rejected the view that sitting presidents are immune from being indicted.

07/22/2017 01:13 PM
News Analysis: Trump’s Attack on Russia Inquiry Is From Familiar Playbook: The Clintons’
The president’s strategy for navigating the inquiry is adopted from the Clintons’ approach to the Whitewater and Lewinsky investigations.

07/21/2017 09:13 PM
Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary
Mr. Spicer quit after telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of the financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

07/21/2017 08:05 PM
Hero, Villain, TV Sensation: Spicer’s Fame Spread Beyond Washington
Mr. Spicer’s tenure as White House press secretary gave him national prominence beyond the normal reach of the job.

07/21/2017 09:23 PM
The Latest Voice at the Lectern: An Effusive New Yorker
Anthony Scaramucci’s smooth style will be a distinct contrast with the southern drawl and sharp edges of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the new press secretary.

07/22/2017 12:37 PM
Races Are Reversed in a Police Killing, and Again a Family Asks: Why?
The fatal shooting of Justine Damond in Minneapolis had unusual circumstances and stirred a global uproar, but once more there were blanks to fill in.

07/21/2017 09:39 PM
Senate Parliamentarian Challenges Key Provisions of Health Bill
Elizabeth MacDonough on Friday challenged key provisions in the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, dealing another serious blow to its prospects.

07/22/2017 05:00 AM
Battling Wildfires in British Columbia
More than 40,000 people have been displaced by wildfires in the western Canadian province of British Columbia, where a state of emergency has been declared.

03/14/2017 06:01 PM
Your Daily Mini Crossword
Solve a bite-size crossword in just a few minutes.

07/22/2017 05:01 AM
The Battle for Venezuela, Through a Lens, Helmet and Gas Mask
These photographs, taken over four weeks, capture the daily turmoil that antigovernment protests have brought to the streets of Caracas.

07/22/2017 06:25 AM
One by One, Marry-Your-Rapist Laws Are Falling in the Middle East
Women’s rights groups are making bold efforts to change loopholes that allow accused and convicted rapists to evade punishment by marrying their victims.

07/21/2017 06:51 PM
Abuses Hide in the Silence of Nondisparagement Agreements
Often used at tech companies, nondisparagement agreements are increasingly included in employment contracts and legal settlements.

07/21/2017 04:50 PM
Trilobites: The Rhythms That Make Elephant Seals Run or Fight
New research suggests that elephant seals use rhythm to recognize and respond to other members of their species in the wild.

07/21/2017 05:00 AM
Jessica Williams Charts Her Course: ‘I Know What I’d Be Incredible At’
Many “Daily Show” fans had hoped she would succeed Jon Stewart, but she took herself out of the running to focus elsewhere.

07/22/2017 01:28 PM
Taliban Say Top Leader’s Son Carried Out a Suicide Attack
One of the suicide bombers who attacked an Afghan security outpost this week was the son of Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada, the Taliban’s supreme leader, officials with the movement said.

07/22/2017 01:25 PM
Why We Published the Name of a Covert C.I.A. Official
The director of the C.I.A. criticized The Times earlier this week. Our national security editor responds.

07/22/2017 12:01 PM
Chris Froome Virtually Clinches His Fourth Tour de France Title
Froome finished third in Stage 20, a time trial in Marseille, and he has a 54-second lead over all. The only remaining stage is Sunday’s largely ceremonial ride into Paris.

07/22/2017 06:18 AM
Philippine Congress Extends Martial Law in Besieged Region
President Rodrigo Duterte had asked for an extension as military troops struggled to crush a siege by Islamist groups in southern Marawi City.

07/21/2017 04:49 PM
That Decisive Moment: Chilling Fervor: This Week’s 8 Best Classical Music Moments on YouTube
Political messages from the pianist Igor Levit and the conductor Daniel Barenboim were among the highlights.

07/22/2017 07:03 AM
From Political Star to ‘a Sacrificial Object’ in China
The fall of Sun Zhengcai, a party secretary, is seen as a warning that President Xi Jinping will play succession politics by his own ruthless rules.

07/21/2017 08:36 PM
Stakes for Exxon in Sanctions Case Go Far Beyond a $2 Million Fine
The oil company, punished for violating sanctions against Russia, is fighting a wider threat to its reputation and the possibility of other sanctions to come.

07/21/2017 08:31 PM
Kentucky Must Pay $224,000 After Dispute Over Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
A judge ordered the state to pay couples’ lawyer fees after a county clerk, Kim Davis, refused to issue marriage licenses.

07/21/2017 07:24 PM
Ivanka Trump Received at Least $12.6 Million Since 2016, Disclosure Shows
Ms. Trump’s first ethics disclosure shows that she and her husband, Jared Kushner, benefit from an active business empire, an arrangement that poses potential conflicts of interest.

07/21/2017 07:23 PM
Wells Fargo Accidentally Releases Trove of Data on Wealthy Clients
A plaintiff suing an employee of Wells Fargo Advisors was sent a CD containing thousands of sensitive client records — which came from a lawyer for the bank.

07/21/2017 05:26 PM
Bag With Moon Dust in It Fetches $1.8 Million From a Mystery Buyer
A lunar landing, a museum loan, a theft, a critical error, a legal battle — and now, a sale at auction. What’s next for this bag of moon dust?

07/21/2017 03:38 PM
Teenagers Recorded a Drowning Man and Laughed
They can’t be prosecuted for failing to help him or call 911, the Florida authorities said, but the police are still exploring legal options.

07/22/2017 05:00 AM
‘A Spirit of Bipartisanship That Is Sorely Lacking Today’
Our Top 10 Comments of the Week: Readers discuss John McCain’s cancer diagnosis, Trump’s interview with The Times and eating on the subway.

07/21/2017 05:00 AM
Egos: New in Memoir: Lessons in Falling in Love, and 2 Accounts of Its Horrors
Three books trace the highs and the (very) lows of love and marriage, says our memoir columnist, Meghan Daum.

07/22/2017 06:00 AM
Pittsburgh Gets a Tech Makeover
The city is newly stylish, with hyped restaurants and an Ace hotel, thanks to a steady flow of Carnegie Mellon grads who decided to stay.



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