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12/09/2016 10:37 PM
Trump team targeting Obama's climate change advocates?
The transition team has created a questionnaire of 74 questions for Energy Department officials to identify certain people who helped Obama's policies

12/09/2016 09:37 PM
Rudy Giuliani won't be the next secretary of state
Former NYC mayor removed his name from consideration, according to Trump transition team

12/09/2016 09:26 PM
Half of people "remember" events that never happened
Confident in your memories of the past? A new study suggests maybe you shouldn't be so sure

12/09/2016 01:03 AM
Remembering John Glenn
In 1998, "60 Minutes" was there as he prepared to return to space 36 years after his historic first mission; Glenn died Thursday

12/09/2016 11:08 PM
Rude, dangerous or a modern reality? The debate on making cell calls midair

12/10/2016 02:18 AM
Trump returns to campaign trail in La. and Mich.

12/02/2016 07:43 PM
What do these two women have in common?

12/09/2016 09:10 PM
New details revealed about medical history of pilot in deadly balloon crash

06/16/2014 07:37 PM
John Glenn 1921-2016
John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, went on to serve in the U.S. Senate and returned to space later in life

12/09/2016 05:36 PM
Former Clinton campaign staffer launches anti-Trump website to track conflicts of interest

12/09/2016 06:48 PM
Contact lens infection ends in man losing his eye

12/10/2016 12:12 AM
Charred remains of 3 detectives found in Mexico resort

12/10/2016 01:34 AM
Bundy brothers refuse to attend Vegas court hearing

12/07/2016 07:36 PM
Quiz: Who said it in 2016?
These quotes are doozies! Can you match the phrase to the major public figure who said it in 2016?

12/10/2016 03:12 AM
Boko Haram blamed for suicide blasts that killed dozens

12/09/2016 07:13 PM
Radiation from Japan's nuclear disaster detected on Oregon shores

12/09/2016 09:55 PM
Lawyers of Alabama inmate: Execution sedative was ineffective

12/09/2016 05:45 PM
Dylann Roof laughed during church slaying confession to FBI

12/08/2016 08:38 PM
Donald Trump's $14 billion Cabinet
Breaking from his populist campaign rhetoric, the president-elect is appointing billionaires and multi-millionaires

12/09/2016 10:04 PM
Obama creates "resilience area" for Alaskan natives along Bering Strait

12/09/2016 02:52 PM
U.S. official warns North Korea could launch nuclear weapon, but...

12/09/2016 07:25 PM
Mummified child could rewrite history of smallpox

12/09/2016 02:19 PM
Video of professor's anti-Trump rant in class sparks firestorm

12/05/2016 03:52 AM
Oakland warehouse fire victims
Authorities have begun identifying the victims of a deadly warehouse fire that claimed the lives of 36 people

12/09/2016 11:51 AM
New report reveals scale of Russia's Olympic doping

12/09/2016 05:22 PM
3 arrests after Fla. teen's cause of death determined

12/09/2016 04:04 PM
Wedding guests go to court after being hit by drone at reception

12/07/2016 11:58 AM
Famed Italian city suffering from too much of a good thing

12/09/2016 05:58 PM
Is this the face of Robert the Bruce, iconic Scottish king?

12/09/2016 06:48 PM
Arrest, more suspects sought in San Jose State sex attacks

12/09/2016 03:58 PM
Drug overdoses now kill more Americans than guns

12/09/2016 05:10 PM
Firefighters take action after dogs fall through ice on lake

12/09/2016 05:54 PM
Report: Ex-chaplain left messages before murder-suicide

12/09/2016 08:00 PM
Couple adopts 5 siblings so they don't have to split up

12/09/2016 10:14 PM
Dog visits dying owner in hospital to give one last goodbye

05/27/2013 03:20 PM
Kirk Douglas celebrates 100th birthday
A look at the extraordinary career of one of Hollywood's most iconic actors

12/09/2016 07:42 PM
Trump "feels very warmly" about Israel and Jews, says Netanyahu
Despite claims that President-elect Trump's campaign and some supporters have engaged in anti-Semitic rhetoric, Israel's PM says Trump's support is clear; watch interview Sunday on 60 Minutes

12/09/2016 08:32 PM
Secretary of state drama reaches turning point
Final round of deliberations begins -- Trump has said he'll anounce his pick next week

12/07/2016 07:41 PM
How unusual is Trump's Cabinet of generals?
The president-elect has nominated two retired generals as defense secretary and homeland security secretary and appointed one to serve as national security adviser

12/07/2016 07:35 PM
What kind of manager will President Donald Trump be?
"Negotiator-in-Chief" brings a new skill-set to the White House -- will he change the Oval Office or will it change him?

12/09/2016 06:47 PM
Donald Trump’s Cabinet: $14 billion of wealth and counting
President-elect is surrounding himself with billionaires and multimillionaires, raising questions about his campaign pledges

12/09/2016 02:40 PM
Trump to remain producer of "Celebrity Apprentice"
The latest season will start airing just weeks before Trump is inaugurated to the White House



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