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10/23/2016 06:46 PM
Trump camp admits it's "behind" amid poll chasm
New poll puts Clinton up 12 points nationally; top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway says "ad buys" are what's really hurting them

10/23/2016 03:45 AM
Voters in Texas, Florida weigh in with new poll
CBS News Battleground Tracker finds a tighter-than-normal race in Texas; most GOP voters in key states believe Trump's claims of fraud

10/23/2016 09:04 PM
AT&T's takeover of Time Warner already drawing flak
Critics from Donald Trump to Al Franken raise concerns of too much power in the $85 billion megamerger

10/19/2016 08:20 PM
"60 Minutes" viewers weigh in on Syrian refugee debate
"So the government can provide for the refugees, but what about the homeless we currently have?" one viewer tweets

10/23/2016 05:09 PM
At least 13 killed in tour bus collision with semi-truck in Palm Springs

10/23/2016 03:59 PM
Calif. man gets 1,503 years in prison for raping teen daughter

10/23/2016 07:08 PM
Trump gets first major newspaper endorsement

10/22/2016 08:42 PM
Art in the Nevada desert
Ugo Rondinone's installation "Seven Magic Mountains" - a series of Day-Glo-painted rock towers just outside Las Vegas - appears as if a mirage in the desert

10/23/2016 10:36 PM
DPS: 20 vehicles involved in crash on Arizona interstate

10/23/2016 11:26 AM
Turkish help in Mosul offensive angers Iraq

10/23/2016 12:19 PM
Prince Albert buys Philly home of mom Grace Kelly

10/23/2016 11:52 AM
1000s of Calif. soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses: report

10/23/2016 05:31 PM
Halloween Dog Parade 2016
Check out the annual celebration of costumed canines at New York City's Tompkins Square Park

10/23/2016 07:45 PM
Comic’s comic Kevin Meaney found dead at age 60

10/23/2016 11:18 PM
Hundreds in R.I. turn out for parade to defend wearing yoga pants

10/23/2016 05:48 PM
France to fully dismantle infamous migrant “Jungle” camp

10/23/2016 09:25 PM
Inmates join fight against California wildfires

10/23/2016 03:16 PM
Iran president slams Clinton, Trump debate performances

10/23/2016 01:06 PM
Japanese pensioner soldier blows himself up in park, injures others

10/17/2016 07:27 PM
Wildest moments of the election
The 2016 election season has been crazy from the start, but these moments stood out as especially shocking

10/23/2016 08:39 PM
Olympic swimmer thanks fan who spotted concerning mole

10/20/2016 06:37 PM
Fall foliage 2016
A view of autumn colors

10/23/2016 06:34 PM
Report: Curt Schilling to join Breitbart

10/23/2016 08:18 PM
Taylor Swift performs at Formula One, her only concert of the year

08/05/2016 12:04 PM
Faith Salie has some frank words about profanity and intelligence

10/20/2016 03:13 PM
Weird and wonderful sea life
Remote cameras bring us photos of never-before-seen areas to reveal strange sea critters

10/23/2016 03:24 PM
GOP chair defends Trump on claims of “rigged” election
Trump is right to "reserve all options" on Election Day, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said on "Face the Nation" on Sunday

10/23/2016 02:06 PM
Battleground state voters talk Clinton, Trump
In a Nevada focus group for "Face the Nation," voters discuss the idea that the election is "rigged," and how they would feel if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins in November

10/23/2016 03:59 PM
Strategists debate: Does Trump still have a shot?
Democratic strategist David Axelrod and GOP pollster Frank Luntz talk Trump's slide in polls on "Face the Nation"

10/23/2016 04:13 PM
Trump alleges Michelle Obama made "vicious" attacks on Hillary Clinton
What's behind Donald Trump's comments and tweets about Michelle Obama

10/22/2016 02:27 PM
Phil Collins: “Not Dead Yet”
The pop icon, whose candid memoir is a chronicle of his struggles with marriage, drinking and fame, finds liberation in the honest reckoning



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