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02/27/2015 11:23 AM
How did "Jihadi John" slip through the cracks?
World knows presumed ISIS executioner's name, but not what drove him to radical Islam, or why he wasn't stopped

02/27/2015 01:53 PM
ISIS' financing is "vulnerable"
Global agency tasked with stopping the flow of cash to terror groups says ISIS may be nearing the bottom of its well

02/27/2015 06:23 AM
Homeland Security funding showdown averted for now?
House Republicans agree to 3 week delay before department's partial shutdown would begin, and to deal with president's immigration moves later

02/23/2015 05:47 PM
Who killed Malcolm X?
"60 Minutes" takes a look back at his death and a rare interview that led to an admission connected to his murder

02/27/2015 01:26 PM
Multiple killings under investigation in Missouri
Authorities believe man killed 7 in rampage before turning gun on himself

02/27/2015 11:08 AM
Close calls between drones, planes alarm FAA
Officials say the number of drone and model aircraft incidents reported by pilots has gone up significantly

02/27/2015 01:39 PM
U.S. economic growth cooler than previously estimated
U.S. economy expanded 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter, down from the federal government's initial forecast

02/17/2015 10:59 PM
Tales of snow heroes and survivors
The white stuff just keeps piling up. But so do the stories of good deeds and miraculous survival

02/27/2015 03:15 PM
Mystery solved! Color pattern of #TheDress revealed
A U.K. retailer has come out on Twitter to confirm the true colors of the blue/black vs. white/gold dress debate

02/26/2015 07:50 PM
5 job perks that can help you save money
Don't overlook a raft of savings opportunities that could be waiting for you in your workplace

02/26/2015 08:54 PM
Sharon Stone sued for missing anti-Chevron events
New York PR firm is suing the actress for the bit part she played in a long-running battle over pollution in the Amazon

02/26/2015 06:35 PM
5 illegal tactics shady debt collectors love
Most consumers may not realize debt collectors have to follow specific guidelines about when trying to get you to pay up

02/27/2015 03:13 PM
Two vandalism suspects rescued after being stranded on cliff
Park service spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet said the men got stuck on a cliff at the waterfront of Fort Baker in Golden Gate National Recreation Area

02/26/2015 04:11 PM
10 concrete homes that don't look like bunkers
Concrete homes offer several advantages over traditional materials, are gaining popularity -- and can actually be quite cozy

02/26/2015 09:41 PM
Missouri gubernatorial candidate dead in apparent suicide
Republican state auditor Tom Schweich shot himself, staffer tells AP

02/27/2015 02:02 PM
South still suffering from latest winter blast
Millions still dealing with power outages and freezing temperatures; next big weather system is building in the southern Rockies

02/27/2015 07:46 AM
Pickup truck driver from California train crash out of jail
Freed pending results of probe of why he turned onto tracks; commuter train rammed pickup, causing derailment that injured 30

02/27/2015 03:59 PM
Self-employed? Keep these tax tips in mind
Don't get hit with IRS penalties this year -- make sure you file your taxes correctly by following these tips

02/27/2015 05:55 AM
​U.S. blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death in Bangladesh
Roy was known for writing against religious fundamentalism; family and friends say he'd received death threats

02/26/2015 06:19 PM
Top dog breeds in the U.S.
Loveable labradors reigned as the nation's most popular dog breed for the 24th year, but competition is tough in the top 10

02/27/2015 01:13 PM
Cuban cigar makers bank on U.S. visitors
Cuban cigars have been outlawed in the U.S. since the embargo took effect in 1962

02/27/2015 03:50 PM
Marco Rubio answers for his failed 2013 immigration plans -- again
An immigration reform bill that was widely unpopular in conservative circles two years ago still dogs Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at CPAC

02/27/2015 03:33 PM
Sleep deprivation leads to eating more fatty food
Research shows getting insufficient shuteye alters brain activity, which causes poor eating and may lead to obesity

02/27/2015 03:42 PM
Stephen Hawking thinks these 3 things could destroy humanity
Hint: Two of them are already here on Earth

02/26/2015 11:47 PM
Tops in plastic surgery? Bigger bottoms
Butt enhancement procedures have gotten a big boost in popularity, and some other trends may surprise you

02/27/2015 04:32 PM
Do baby boxes make it easier to abandon newborns?
Indiana legislators weigh bill that would give mothers in crisis a way to surrender babies safely, anonymously

02/25/2015 09:13 PM
Giant waves around the world
The biggest waves to batter our world's coastlines.

02/27/2015 02:58 PM
Netflix's "House of Cards" returns in full for season 3
Frank and Claire Underwood return in new episodes of the acclaimed political drama, now available for fans to binge

02/27/2015 01:17 PM
Harrison Ford to reprise role in "Blade Runner" sequel
The follow-up comes more than 31 years after the film first premiered

02/27/2015 01:03 PM
​Scarlett Johansson defends John Travolta
Actress says there's "nothing strange, creepy or inappropriate about John Travolta"

02/26/2015 10:19 PM
Goat licks dog -- and it's hilarious, this week on The Feed!
Nick Dietz compiles some of the week's best viral videos

02/25/2015 08:52 PM
TV series finales that made us cry
We said goodbye to Leslie Knope and the dysfunctional bureaucrats at "Parks & Recreation," but does it count among the biggest tear-jerking finales of all time?



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