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11/26/2014 12:53 AM
Protests against Ferguson outcome continue for 2nd day
Across the nation, demonstrators are showing their outrage over the grand jury outcome in Missouri

11/25/2014 07:38 PM
Ferguson mayor: Delayed National Guard deployment "deeply concerning"
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon orders additional National Guard members to Ferguson after several businesses were burned down or damaged

11/25/2014 06:25 PM
Brown family reps lash out at Ferguson prosecutor
Michael Brown's mother "upset that the killer of her unarmed child would not be brought to justice," family attorney says

11/21/2014 05:51 PM
Chernobyl: The catastrophe that never ended
Nearly 30 years later, Bob Simon travels to Ukraine and discovers the reactor still has the power to kill

11/26/2014 02:44 AM
Rain and snow expected to snarl busiest travel day of the year
Airlines begin to cancel flights ahead of storm that could dump heavy rain and up to a foot of snow on East Coast

11/25/2014 10:05 PM
Darren Wilson said to have "clear conscience" after Ferguson decision
Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson gives first interview since a grand jury decided not to charge him in shooting death of Michael Brown

11/25/2014 11:12 PM
5 children dead in Texas mobile home fire
The childrens' parents and one sibling escaped the blaze, but told firefighters the others were trapped

11/25/2014 09:55 PM
Video to be released in police shooting of Cleveland boy, 12
Cleveland police will make public a video showing an officer firing at a 12-year-old, who was reportedly holding a fake gun, after the child's family asked for the footage to be released

11/25/2014 05:04 PM
Man found dead in car in Ferguson, Mo.
Police are reportedly considering the death a homicide; officials told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch they can't discount a link to nearby rioting

11/25/2014 01:41 AM
Protests over Ferguson outcome
Protesters gathered in Missouri and around the country as a St. Louis county grand jury announced there would be no charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson

11/25/2014 11:26 PM
Obama may not reduce U.S. troops in Afghanistan by end of 2014
U.S. troop reduction could be held up by the late signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement

11/25/2014 04:13 PM
FDA enforces nationwide calorie labeling
Amid the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S., food establishments everywhere will start to display nutritional information on menus

11/25/2014 07:53 PM
Virginia AG appoints independent counsel for UVA over rape allegations
Lawyers from O'Melveny & Myers will investigate allegations of sexual assault

11/25/2014 07:53 PM
Elian Gonzalez: 15 years after his rescue, a quiet life
The story of the 5-year-old plucked out of the ocean off the Florida coast that set off an international custody battle still reverberates

11/25/2014 06:53 PM
Google "smart spoon" prevents spilling
The tech giant has created a utensil to make mealtime easier for people with Parkinson's disease and essential tremors

11/24/2014 09:45 PM
​Strange but true: Seals found sexually assaulting penguins
Researchers were shocked to discover multiple instances of seal-on-penguin rape

11/25/2014 04:26 PM
New anti-malaria compound causes mosquito parasites to swell up and explode
The compound kills disease-causing parasites by popping them like water balloons

11/25/2014 07:32 PM
Bill Cosby biographer sorry for omitting sexual assault allegations
Mark Whitaker says he was wrong not to "aggressively" look into the charges and promised to address them "at the appropriate time"

11/25/2014 05:57 PM
A yogurt a day may help keep the doctor away
New research says regular yogurt consumption may help combat a disease affecting millions of Americans

11/25/2014 04:13 AM
Images presented to the grand jury
The St. Louis County prosecutor's office released documents that were presented to the grand jury for their deliberation in whether to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown

11/25/2014 05:38 PM
General Motors previews its new system for hands-free driving
The car maker is set to roll out a Cadillac in 2017 that will practically drive itself on the highway

11/25/2014 07:47 PM
Feud over 1902 "corpse ship"
Shipwreck with bodies of Chinese miners found off New Zealand coast; will they finally go home?

11/25/2014 03:01 PM
Female prison guard trainee charged with inmate sex in chapel
Investigators say sex was consensual, but Pennsylvania law says inmates aren't considered able to voluntarily have sex with their captors

11/25/2014 07:52 AM
More than half of employees don't feel respected
If you're a boss, check out these tips to improve office morale -- it may actually save you money and boost productivity

11/25/2014 05:54 PM
The first full "Jurassic World" trailer is here
The film stars Chris Pratt and is out June 15

11/25/2014 08:05 PM
"Birdman" leads Independent Spirit Awards nominations
"Boyhood," "Nightcrawler," "Whiplash" and "Semla" also up for awards at the 2015 independent film honors

11/25/2014 06:59 PM
A new documentary explores the life of Kurt Cobain
"Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck" is the first documentary made with the cooperation of the Nirvana frontman's family

11/25/2014 03:23 PM
"The Wizard of Oz" Cowardly Lion costume fetches $3 million at auction
Bert Lahr's costume from "The Wizard of Oz" and the piano from "Casablanca" both sold for big bucks at auction of Hollywood memorabilia

11/21/2014 02:34 PM
Fruit works of art
Photographer Roger Rowley documents the creative ways he gets his kids to eat breakfast



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