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07/22/2017 02:15 PM
Trump speaks at commissioning of new aircraft carrier
Trump praised the military during a ceremony for the Navy's new largest ship

07/22/2017 01:03 PM
Trump accuses New York Times of foiling plot to kill ISIS leader
The tweet appears to reference a 2015 story about intelligence on the ISIS leader's whereabouts

07/21/2017 11:00 PM
Minneapolis police chief resigns amid shooting controversy
Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a statement that she lost confidence in Harteau; protesters Friday night called for Hodges' resignation as well

07/22/2017 01:24 PM
Trump decries "fake news" on pardons while slamming leaks
Trump said the president "has the complete power to pardon" while decrying leaks from his administration

07/22/2017 02:36 PM
House, Senate reach deal on Russia, Iran sanctions

07/22/2017 02:18 PM
John Heard, "Home Alone" actor, dies at 72

07/22/2017 06:08 PM
Dozens hospitalized for excessive drinking at concert

07/21/2017 10:06 PM
Major parts of health care bill violate Senate rule

07/19/2017 05:28 PM
O.J. Simpson then and now
From football fields to Hollywood to courtrooms, see O.J. through the years

07/22/2017 04:08 PM
Jim Vance, longtime D.C. news anchor, dies at 75

07/22/2017 01:16 AM
Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump report more previously undisclosed assets

07/21/2017 09:46 PM
Lawmakers from both parties warn Trump not to mess with Mueller

07/21/2017 03:25 PM
Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con
Creative costumes take the spotlight at North America's largest convention for fans of fantasy and sci-fi films and TV, comics, horror, anime, manga and video games

07/21/2017 07:17 PM
Trump admin transfers al Qaeda suspect to the U.S. to face terrorism charges

07/22/2017 02:51 AM
McCain rival suggests he should resign after brain cancer diagnosis

07/21/2017 11:50 PM
"Sad reading" for Charlie Gard's latest test results: hospital

07/22/2017 04:23 AM
St. Louis police pepper spray protesters outside jail

07/22/2017 03:38 AM
Firefighters rescue nearly dead dog, bring him back to life

07/21/2017 08:03 PM
Linkin Park singer died by hanging, coroner confirms

07/21/2017 08:34 PM
3 Palestinians, 3 Israelis killed in violence over Jerusalem shrine

01/08/2017 08:31 PM
Notable deaths in 2017
A look back at the esteemed personalities who left us this year, who'd touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity

07/21/2017 06:30 PM
820-pound hog shot in Alabama may have escaped neighbor's pen

07/21/2017 08:53 PM
Woman with special needs gets birthday surprise from police

07/21/2017 05:18 PM
Hacked Ashley Madison users get $11.2M settlement

03/01/2016 11:42 AM
Forbes 2017: World's top 20 billionaires
Here's a look at who tops Forbes magazine's list of 2,043 billionaires around the world with a total net worth of almost $7.67 trillion

07/21/2017 04:56 PM
Missouri businesses raided for alleged human trafficking

07/21/2017 05:59 PM
Police officer charged with having sex with 15-year-old cadet

07/21/2017 06:45 PM
Man in wheelchair killed, caretaker injured in home invasion

07/11/2017 06:35 PM
How fat is your state?
Obesity rates in America have been rising, but some states are worse than others

07/22/2017 03:52 PM
Kermit and friends find a new home in NYC exhibit celebrating Jim Henson
The full story of the late Muppet master's nearly 40-year career is being told at a new exhibit in the Museum of the Moving Image

07/22/2017 02:22 PM
Scenes from an Italian restaurant -- behind bars
Eight nights a year a high security prison in Volterra, Italy, turns into a restaurant where the prisoners do all the work

07/21/2017 06:08 PM
Everything you need to know about Anthony Scaramucci
The colorful ex-hedge fund manager is the White House's new communications director, it was announced Friday

07/21/2017 06:18 PM
Excitement builds for "Great American Eclipse"
The coast-to-coast solar eclipse on Aug. 21 promises a flood of data and excitement as millions take in one of nature's great spectacles

07/21/2017 07:12 PM
Steve Hartman: Weed addict on the road to recovery
He only did it at my place in upstate New York, after the kids were in bed, but the fact was, he could not stop pulling the things

09/30/2016 12:12 PM
What led mortician to kill, freeze wealthy widow?
Saturday at 10: "48 Hours" investigates the death of Marjorie Nugent -- shot dead by her beloved companion, Bernie Tiede -- the film the case inspired, and the latest twist that thrust the story back into the headlines



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